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Introducing Pattern #1032: Desert Sunrise Maxi Dress, Halter Top and Beaded Chokers for 18" Dolls.

Lee & Pearl Pattern 1072: Corps de Ballet for 18" Dolls and Lee & Pearl Pattern 1073: Prima Ballerina for 18" Dolls. These patterns are available separately or as a Ballet Performance Bundle containing mix-and-match bodices, the Romantic tutu and the Classical tutu.

Your 18 inch dolls will be festival-ready in these gauzy MAXI DRESSES and loose floaty TOPS, draped in beautiful folds from a flattering — and easy-to-sew — bias tape-bound halter neckline. Then complete your doll's boho look with the perfect handmade BEADED CHOKER.

The Desert Sunrise pattern provides a ton of style for a very small outlay of time and effort. With just two pattern pieces and a few easy seams, you won't believe how quick and easy the halter top and dress are to put together.

Best of all, because of the stabilizing internal yoke of ordinary cotton fabric, this pattern is your chance to sew out of your comfort zone with silkies, gauzes and jerseys, while still enjoying the ease of pinning and stitching to the quilting cotton or muslin internal yoke that holds everything together.

Wondering what to do with all the time you'll save because this pattern is so easy? Make beaded chokers, of course! We've included detailed, photo-illustrated directions in this pattern for a simple daisy chain choker, and pattern directions for a few more advanced chokers too.

With a loose, floaty fit, fully adjustable neck ties and a generously sized internal yoke, this dress and top are wonderfully flexible — perfect for those who sew for a variety of 18 inch dolls. Every doll looks great in this dress!


The construction steps involved in this pattern are genuinely easy. We've even broken down couture-level techniques like bias-to-bias seams and understitching into simple steps that anyone can follow.

But depending on your fabric choice, this pattern might be considered intermediate. We have made the seams as easy as possible regardless of the material you use, but hemming certain materials can be difficult — as can laying out and cutting.

The BEADED CHOKER is rated Easy. We've laid out exactly the supplies you'll need and included step-by-step, photo-illustrated directions to get you started making boho-fabulous necklaces for your doll — and for yourself as well.

As usual, Lee & Pearl's photo-illustrated directions and computer-drafted, guaranteed-to-fit-together pattern pieces make each step as easy as possible.

Happy sewing!

Since launching our Etsy shop with a single 18" doll pattern in July of 2013, Lee & Pearl have built a reputation for quality patterns that sew easily and fit perfectly. You will never find a mis-matched curve in a Lee & Pearl pattern! But along with those reliable pieces, clear directions and carefully drafted measurements, Lee & Pearl are proud of our reputation for making patterns for doll clothes — clothes that anyone can make — that look just like the real thing.

Whether it's a perfectly-detailed, but still easy to make baseball cap, or a mesh trucker hat, or a skating dress with a skirt carefully drafted to hang just like the real ones, or a slinky wrap dress indistinguishable from a '70s original, or a unisex t-shirt that manages to be both unfitted and fitted enough to slip under jackets, or a replica U.S. Army uniform that has to be seen — and made — to be believed, or... we could go on and on.

And don't get us started on our hat patterns. Lee & Pearl designer, Elizabeth Atwater Menes, studied millinery at the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York. Perfectly made hat patterns will always be a Lee & Pearl specialty.

In 2014, we added a Fabric & Trim Kit section to our Etsy shop, to share some of the wonderful, hard-to-find fabrics and materials we are lucky to be able to source here in the Los Angeles garment district. Check our selection regularly for new additions before they sell out — or scroll down and subscribe to our mailing list to hear about new kits as soon as they launch!

We LOVE doll craft tutorials. We love to watch them, read them — and most of all, we love to make them.

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One of our most popular tutorial features is the FREE "Tweak the Pattern" we often feature in our monthly newsletters.

We love it when people take our patterns beyond the outfit on the cover. In fact, we often do that ourselves. And when we do, we love to put those ideas into free pattern or tutorial form for our Newsletter subscribers.

Some of these "Tweak the Pattern" features involve new pattern pieces, while others are suggestions for using unexpected materials or trims.

Here are a few of our recent pattern tweaks:

Use the FREE Tweak the Pattern skirt pieces to turn popular Pattern #1055: Skating Dresses for 18" Dolls into a whole range of red carpet, recital, Ice Princess and bridal gowns.

Here's a swimsuit Tweak of Pattern #1051: Ballet Basics for 18" Dolls — and here's an easy felt beanie tweak of Pattern #1008: Classic Ball Cap and Big Fat Trucker Hat for 18" Dolls.

Don't worry if you missed any of these tweaks: all newsletter content, including the FREE Tweak the Pattern downloads, are available in our Newsletter Archive.

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