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Introducing Lee & Pearl Pattern #1041: Slim Skirts — Denim and Pencil Skirts for 18" Dolls:

If you love mix-and-match separates, you'll love this collection of super-adaptable slender skirts for 18" dolls.

Each of the three perfectly realized styles in this pattern comes in two lengths: either a trendy mid-thigh cut or a classic — and always flattering — just-above-the-knee length.

Our ultra-realistic DENIM SKIRT features working hip pockets, rear patch pockets, a front fly closure, a shaped waistband with belt loops, and classic topstitching on all visible seams. We carefully drafted and tested the cut of our waistband, which fastens with a simple Velcro closure and fits snugly around an 18" doll's curves while she stands — AND while she sits — without any bulky elastic.

Our PENCIL SKIRT shares the neat profile and curve-hugging waistband of our denim skirt, without any of the time-consuming pockets or belt loops. The center back opening closes with Velcro, applied using a simple new technique. Small darts on the back panels form that perfect pencil skirt silhouette, while our list of suggested fabrics allows you to take your doll's style from professional to sporty, preppy to edgy, or trendy to glam with very little effort at all.

A style so cool it was trendy in the '50s on schoolgirl kilts, trendy in the '80s on New Wave rockers, and trendy today in fashion magazines everywhere, our PENCIL SKIRT WITH ASYMMETRIC FRONT PANEL is a complicated looking (but really easy) variation on our basic pencil skirt. Try it in traditional twills or tweeds, set off with a neat buckle — or take an edgier tack with faux leather or distressed fabrics and alternative fasteners, like a brooch or tiny "punk" safety pins.

The Pencil Skirt is rated EASY for the simple seams and limited construction steps. The Denim Skirt and Pencil Skirt with Asymmetric Front Panel are rated EASY/INTERMEDIATE for the hip pocket, patch pocket, belt loop and buckle strap applications. Even beginners should give these skirts a try as our new construction method allows you to work on the skirts completely FLAT right up to the final steps. And as usual, Lee & Pearl's photo-illustrated directions and computer-drafted, guaranteed-to-fit-together pattern pieces make each step as easy as possible.

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Since launching our Etsy shop with a single 18" doll pattern in July of 2013, Lee & Pearl have built a reputation for quality patterns that sew easily and fit perfectly. You will never find a mis-matched curve in a Lee & Pearl pattern! But along with those reliable pieces, clear directions and carefully drafted measurements, Lee & Pearl are proud of our reputation for making patterns for doll clothes — clothes that anyone can make — that look just like the real thing.

Whether it's a perfectly-detailed, but still easy to make baseball cap, or a mesh trucker hat, or a skating dress with a skirt carefully drafted to hang just like the real ones, or a slinky wrap dress indistinguishable from a '70s original, or a unisex t-shirt that manages to be both unfitted and fitted enough to slip under jackets, or a replica U.S. Army uniform that has to be seen — and made — to be believed, or... we could go on and on.

And don't get us started on our hat patterns. Lee & Pearl designer, Elizabeth Atwater Menes, studied millinery at the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York. Perfectly made hat patterns will always be a Lee & Pearl specialty.

In 2014, we added a Fabric & Trim Kit section to our Etsy shop, to share some of the wonderful, hard-to-find fabrics and materials we are lucky to be able to source here in the Los Angeles garment district. Check our selection regularly for new additions before they sell out — or scroll down and subscribe to our mailing list to hear about new kits as soon as they launch!

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Here's a swimsuit Tweak of Pattern #1051: Ballet Basics for 18" Dolls — and here's an easy felt beanie tweak of Pattern #1008: Classic Ball Cap and Big Fat Trucker Hat for 18" Dolls.

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