July 2014

Monthly Message from Lee & Pearl

We'd like to start off this newsletter by thanking every one of our friends who made our most recent pattern — Lee & Pearl Pattern #1058: Retro Ruffled Swimsuit and High Waisted Bikini for 18" Dolls — a huge success. We've never had a pattern sell so many copies so quickly before. We loved making this pattern, and we're thrilled that so many of you love it as well!

Here's one of our favorite versions of the swimsuit, made using the bodice fabric from our Ice Princess Kit. We like to think of this one as Elsa's vacation wear:

If you like our girl's pink-and-white Hawaiian lei, we've posted a quick and easy tutorial to make your own on our American Girl Crafts & Tutorials Pinterest board.

On a final swimsuit note, we still have a (very) few Miami Beach Bonfire swimsuit fabric and coordinating fold over elastic kits in stock. Each kit contains enough fabric and trim to make sixteen regular swimsuits, or at least eight of our Retro Ruffled swimsuits. Get these hot colors while they last — which won't be long!

Lee and Pearl got to spend some quality time on the same coast this month. We drove up to New York for the Fall/Winter 2015-16 Korean Textile Preview Show where we saw, touched and discussed many beautiful fabrics in rich and lovely colors, sparking all kinds of ideas for future fabric kits. It's going to be a fun year!

While in New York, we stopped at Books of Wonder where the junior member of our team got in some quality research time — as did the senior members, though we're not as cute in a picture.

Back in Virginia, we visited the Tyson's Corner American Girl store and came home with a new workroom model: the brand new copper-penny redhead Just Like You #61.

Here's our new girl wearing a prototype of the next pattern from Lee & Pearl, a historically-accurate (and also easy-to-make) medieval dress for 18" dolls:

Finally, here's what you've been waiting for: our monthly Tweak the Pattern feature. We love it when people take our patterns beyond the outfit on the cover. In fact, we often do that ourselves. In each of our newsletters, we offer an idea we've had for using bits and pieces of one of our patterns to create new items and outfits. Some of these Tweak the Pattern features will involve actual new pattern pieces, while others will be suggestions for using unexpected materials or trims. If you have any ideas you'd like to see explored in future newsletters, we'd love to hear about them! Please let us know at info@leeandpearl.com.

Tweak the Pattern: Superheroes! for 18" Dolls

This month, Lee & Pearl celebrate the comic book heroes and villains of San Diego Comic Con with a super-heroic tweak of our popular (and remarkably flexible) Pattern #1055: Skating Dresses for 18" Dolls.

This tweak is particularly easy as it involves fewer steps than the original: just choose vibrant coordinating or contrasting spandex (we used Polyester and nylon "Mystique" for extra sparkle) and leave off the skirt. That's all there is to it: just pick the right color of fabric and leave off the skirt. Super-heroics don't come any easier than that!

We love the simplicity of this tweak, but of course, we couldn't stop there. So we've also included pattern pieces and photo-illustrated directions to make a simple superhero cape, a nearly stitch-free gorget to attach that cape, and a headband diadem to keep your heroine's flowing locks in place while she saves the world.


We've also included directions to adapt the #1055 sleeve pattern to simulate armor gauntlets, and borrow the unitard legs from Pattern #1051: Ballet Basics Leotard and Unitard for 18" Dolls to make a super-feline catsuit, which works perfectly with the cat-ear felt beanie found in our May 2014 Fun With Beanies! newsletter tweak.

Finally, we've included information on the comic book-inspired props in our photos, because every 18" girl should have a ray gun, a pair of goggles and a Golden Lasso.

Click HERE to download the FREE Superheroes! Pattern Tweak PDF.

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NOTE: This tweak package does NOT include Pattern #1055: Skating Dresses for 18" Dolls or Pattern #1051: Ballet Basics Leotard and Unitard for 18" Dolls. These patterns can be purchased separately in our Etsy store.


See you next month!

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